How To Fix Bricked Samsung Galaxy A03s (Stuck in Bootloop)

If for some reason your Samsung Galaxy A03s is also stuck in a boot loop and it refuses to boot up past the brand logo, it means that is soft bricked. There are many reasons for this.

Why your Samsung Galaxy A03s is bricked

  • Flashing the wrong firmware: Each firmware available online is created and designed for a specific Samsung Galaxy A03s model. The problem with Samsung Galaxy A03s is that it creates multiple variants of the same Samsung Galaxy A03s. For example, a Samsung Galaxy A03s in one country has Samsung Galaxy A03s’s own chipset, while the same Samsung Galaxy A03s version might have the Snapdragon chipset in another country. As a result, it is always recommended to carefully check the model number of the firmware before flashing anything. If you flash a firmware designed for another Samsung Galaxy A03s model, your Samsung Galaxy A03s will get stuck in a boot loop.
  • Flashing the wrong custom ROM and kernel: The same thing applies to other files that you might flash on your Samsung Galaxy A03s. If you download and flash a wrong custom ROM, kernel, or any other files that are not designed for your Samsung Galaxy A03s, they will brick your Samsung Galaxy A03s device.
  • Failing to wipe data & cache: Some tutorials and procedures requires the user to wipe data and perform a factory reset. For example, installing a new ROM that has a different Android version to the one your Samsung Galaxy A03s currently has, requires a full data factory reset. If you fail to wipe data, the Samsung Galaxy A03s will fail to boot up.

How to unbrick a bricked Samsung Galaxy A03s

Based on the cause of the boot loop on your Samsung Galaxy A03s, there are different solutions that you have to try. For example, if you flashed the wrong firmware or ROM then you have to install a new stock firmware. If you have installed the correct ROM but the Samsung Galaxy A03s is still stuck in a boot loop, then you should wipe data and perform a factory reset. In other cases, all you have to do is to turn off the Samsung Galaxy A03s and boot it up again.

1. Force shutdown

Most of the time, this simple solution will fix the issue. For one reason or another, it is possible for the Samsung Galaxy A03s to get stuck during boot and fail to load Android. You can fix this by forcing the Samsung Galaxy A03s to turn off. Press and hold the Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time. Keep them pressed until the screen goes black. Then press and hold the Power button until the Samsung Galaxy A03s boots up.

2. Wipe data and hard reset

If the Samsung Galaxy A03s doesn’t get past the boot animation logo even after forcing it to turn off, it means there is a problem with the software. One solution to the Samsung Galaxy A03s boot loop is to wipe data and perform a full factory reset. This is a highly successful trick that solves the issue most of the time.

Normally, you can reset the Samsung Galaxy A03s from the settings menu. However, since the Samsung Galaxy A03s doesn’t boot and we don’t have access to the settings panel. In this case, you need to perform a factory reset from recovery mode. Recovery is a software piece that comes on all Android Samsung Galaxy A03ss. It is used exactly for emergency cases .

3. Flash stock firmware on your Samsung Galaxy A03s

If restarting your Samsung Galaxy A03s and wiping does not work, then flashing a stock firmware file is the last resort. If you have flashed a wrong ROM or an incompatible mod, a simple factory reset will not solve the issue because the entire Android firmware is corrupted. The only solution is to flash a firmware to revert everything back to stock. This is the ultimate solution that will unbrick a bricked Samsung Galaxy A03s and will fix the boot loop issue. You can flash stock firmware using some softwares.


There are a number of reasons why you might brick your Samsung Galaxy A03s. Sometimes it is a bug in the system which is quickly resolved with a forced reboot. Other times the reason can be a wrong custom ROM or a corrupted firmware. No matter what, there is a fix for your bricked Samsung Galaxy A03s. PLEASE DO ANYTHING AT YOUR OWN RISK WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES TO YOUR Samsung Galaxy A03s DEVICE .