District Social Security Officer said that camps will be conducted at various places of the district in the presence of specialist doctors in government hospitals

Hoshiarpur, August 18: Special camps are being conducted at various locations of the health department as per the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Apneet Riyat to facilitate the disabled in the district. While giving information, District Social Security Officer Mukesh Gautam said that this month disability certificate and U. D. .. D. These special camps are being conducted in the presence of specialist doctors in various government hospitals from August 19 to August 27 for making cards.
Mukesh Gautam told that it was on August 19 H. C. Binewal, was on August 21 H. C. Mahilpur, Mini P on 23 August. H. C. Chabbewal, was on August 24 H. C. Haryana, was on August 25 H. C. Tanda and B on August 27th. B. M.... B. Disabilities certificate and U by organizing this special camp in Talwara. D. .. D. Will be made. They said the camps will be held on those days and venues after 9 am to 2 pm. Appealing to those disabled to get their disability certificate and U. D. .. D. Make sure to take advantage of these camps on time.