Inaugurated Dharamshala built at Thutha Mall Temple with a cost of Rs 11 lakh

Amritsar 30 July 2021 ---Development works in all the wards under the Central Vidhan Sabha constituency are at its final stages and more than 90 percent development works have been completed. These words were expressed by Shri Om Prakash Soni, Minister of Medical Education and Research Punjab last evening after inaugurating the Dharamshala of Thuthamall Temple at Kattra Khajana under Ward No. 61 The Dharamshala has been built at a cost of Rs 11 lakh, Mr. Soni said. On this occasion, Sri Soni also bowed down at Thuthamal Temple, where the temple committee was also honored. Dharamshala of all temples and Gurdwaras under the central Vidhan Sabha constituency has also been constructed and renovated, Mr. Soni said. He said that there is rapid development work underway to change the look of Amritsar city and there is no shortage of funds for these works.

Mr. Sony said that parks across the city are also being renovated under the smart city. He said all electric wires are being underground to beautify the city's fourth side and new drinking water pipes are being added. On this occasion, Sri Soni visited the areas under Ward: 61 and heard about the problems of the people. Mr. Soni said that the construction of this Dharamshala will give people a lot of facilities. He said that in this Dharamshala, people will be able to do all the events of their happiness and sorrow. Mr. Soni assured the locals that all promises made during the elections will be fulfilled and no development will be left unfulfilled.
On this occasion, a large number of residents of the area were also present apart from Chairman Sri Mahesh Khanna Councillor Mr. Vikas Soni, Sri Gurudev Singh Dara, Sri Kapil Mahajan, Sri Lovely Kumar, Sri Bobby Kumar, Sri Lali President, Sri Kaka President.