Deputy commissioner ne h. I.A.D S. Analyzed the work of the organization by meeting with the executive members

Said, the organization has issued certificates by conducting refresher courses to more than 7500 persons

Hoshiarpur, July 30: Deputy Commissioner Apneet Riyat explains that Hoshiarapur Institute of Automative and Driving Skills (H. I.A.D S. There have been about 23 thousand registrations in) and about 7500 people have been issued certificates by conducting refresher courses. He h in district administrative complex. I.A.D S. Executive members were presiding over the meeting and assessing the organization's works. During this time, Additional Deputy Commissioner (or) Special Sarangal were also present with him.

The Deputy Commissioner in the meeting discussed with the executive members about the work done in the organization and the future to run the organization smoothly. He said that the institution named Hoshiarpur Institute of Automative and Driving Skills in the district regarding new licenses and renewal of commercial vehicles was launched on December 18, 2020 at Red Cross Market, Market Lawyers And the opening of this organization has benefited not only the people of Hoshiarpur but the surrounding districts.
H. I.A.D S Principal Naresh Gupta said the meeting decided to increase the capacity of the two-day course from 100 candidates to 300 In addition to this h. I.A.D S. Other necessary steps should also be taken for the development of the organization. Secretary R at this point. T. A. Pradeep Singh Dhillon, ji. M.... Roadways Ranjit Singh Bagga, M. V. .. Davinder Singh, section officer R. T. A. Raman Kumar was also present.