The upcoming compact iPhone 13 mini will likely launch in September 2021 alongside the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.HIGHLIGHTS iPhone 13 mini will be the successor to the iPhone 12 mini Despite poor sales of the iPhone 12 mini, Apple is fully committed to launching the successor Apple may launch the iPhone 13 mini in September
The smallest iPhone in Apple’s lineup, the iPhone 12 mini, didn’t do as well as the company expected. The phone only constituted 6 percent of total iPhone 12 sales during Q3 2020, according to a CIRP report. Therefore, rumours were going around that Apple will be discontinuing the iPhone 12 mini soon and the company will not launch a new mini iPhone this year. However, a recent report from a YouTuber states that the iPhone 13 mini launch is still on the cards despite the lower than expected demand for iPhone 12 mini. The iPhone 13 mini should be available with improved hardware while keeping the same compact form factor. Apple iPhone 13 mini launch in 2021 The iPhone 13 mini will most likely feature the same 5.4-inch retina display found on the iPhone 12 mini. It should also have the same powerful hardware borrowed from the bigger iPhone 13, and the iPhone 13 Pro series. YouTube Jon Prosser said in a video that Apple is working on the new phone and is committed to launching it later this year.
Apple’s iPhone 12 mini didn’t meet the expected demands, and some analysts even predict that the company may discontinue the production in the second quarter of 2021. However, this will not stop Apple from sticking to its four device line-up for this year. The YouTuber also mentioned that to improve sales of the iPhone 13 mini, Apple may discontinue the iPhone SE or launch a Plus variant of the SE. This would definitely make room for a smaller phone, for those who want one. Demand for small scren phones has always been very low, as customers generally prefer phones with at least a 6-inch screen. The thinning of bezels has helped 6-inch and larger devices to occupy less space. However, there are still a bunch of customers who’d love a smaller flagship phone, and for them, the iPhone 13 mini would be a no-brainer. Apple is expected to improve the display, include better ultra-wide sensors, and even switch to an in-display scanner on the new iPhone 13 series. We’d have to wait to find out though, as most of this is still just speculation and rumours.