Many believe, President Donald Trump, should be considered, Teflon Don! It seems, no matter, what he says, and/ or, does, whether, it is in the best interests of this nation, in any type, of relevant, sustainable manner, makes very little difference, in terms of his popularity, with his political core supporters/ followers/ base! In the past, candidates had to give up their candidacy, after scandals, which seemed, far less pervasive, than many of the ones, this occupant of the White House, appears entangled - in! During his first term in office, we have witnessed more members of his administration, and/ or, campaign, undergo investigations, and/ or, indicted of crimes, etc. There have been numerous reports of impropriety, and questionable relations/ behaviors, in terms of foreign entanglements, his behavior, regarding the handling of the pandemic, his apparent preference for using rhetoric/ vitriol, rather than trying to bring others together, for the greater good, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, whether, his supporters, will ever abandon him, regardless of the circumstances, examining 5 specific things.

1. Disclosing his lies about his taxes/ finances: We shouldn't be surprised, at any issue, regarding Mr. Trump's finances, and/ or, tax returns. After all, in New York, he is somewhat, infamous, for his failure to pay his bills, and, many of his companies, have declared bankruptcy. The recent report about his lack of paying his federal income taxes, and how his financial statements, often, differ, from what he reports to the Internal Revenue Service, would have created an uproar, if nearly, anyone else, was involved, yet his core, seems unconcerned!

2. Emails showing coercion to play - down, the pandemic's dangers: Although, the President, continuously, played - down, the public health dangers/ risks, of this horrific pandemic, for a considerable period, Bob Woodward's interviews, clearly indicate, in Trump's own - words, he knew it was dangerous, very early, and claimed, to minimize it, so the American public wouldn't panic! How many people, took steps, which, unknowingly, were risks, because of this, lack of information?

3. His rhetoric/ vitriol, and blaming/ complaining: How many times has Trump, blamed and complained, about others, and claimed, no personal responsibility? His level of rhetoric, name - calling, and vitriol, has created a level of unprecedented, polarization!

4. The Russian questions: When will his supporters, becomes, sick - and - tired, of the President's referring to anything, he disagrees with, as, Fake News? Although, nearly every Intelligence Agency, and considerable, somewhat, strong evidence, have stated, there was, definitely, an attempt at influencing the 2016 elections, in favor of Trump, and these same experts, warn us, the risk, towards this election, is concerning, the President continues denying it! Despite, what the Mueller Report, actually, stated, Trump referred to it, as exoneration! It often seems, to everyone, except his core followers, the single - biggest user of alternative facts, is the man, presently holding the office!

5. Destroying/ attacking Constitutional guarantees: For generations, Americans have taken, for - granted, certain Constitutional guarantees, rights, liberties, and freedoms! This doesn't seem to matter, much, to either, President Trump, or many of his loyalists, as long as their perceived, personal/ political agenda/ preferences/ priorities, and self - interest, are prioritized! If we don't protect these, what does this nation, actually, stand - for, and represent?

We live in concerning times, because, it seems to make, little difference, to a significant percentage of our citizens, whether, Trump's behavior, is appropriate, and/ or, Presidential! Wake up, America, before it's too late!