33 COVID-19 Special Departures from Jalandhar City NR/Northern Zone -  Railway Enquiry

Jalandhar is a city in the state of Punjab, located in the region of India.

If traveling to this city is what you are thinking about, then Cleartrip will guide you. Traveling to Jalandhar is easy thanks to the railway connectivity.

The station of the city is named as JALANDHAR CITY and its station code is JUC. The station takes care of all the basic amenities of the passengers.

The station is well-connected to a number of Indian cities. Some of the major routes include to the places of Kanpur Central, New Delhi, and Howrah Jn. There are 8 weekly trains connecting Kanpur Central to Jalandhar, 3 weekly trains connecting New Delhi to Jalandhar, and 2 weekly trains connecting Howrah Jn to Jalandhar.

Some of the popular trains traveling to Jalandhar are Asr Hsr Pasnger(54602) to Sadulpur Junction operating 7 times a week, Hsr Asr Psngr(54601) to Amritsar operating 7 times a week, and Chhatisgarh Exp(18238) to Chhindwara Junction operating 7 times a week. Traveling in one of these trains will be a memorable experience.

The attractions of Jalandhar are many. As soon as you enter the city, you may begin your tour as there are varied points of interest located near the Jalandhar station itself.


Train name (no.) passing via
Jalandhar City
ArrivesDepartsStop timeMTWTFSS
Jat Ned Special (02422)15:3515:405 minYNNNNNN
Hyb Jat Special (07021)22:1022:155 minNNNYNNN
Cdg Asr Inaugra (02411)10:3510:372 minNNNNYNN
Asr Koaa Superfast Express (12358)07:0007:055 minYNNYNNN
Ptk Dli Express (14038)10:3510:405 minYYYYNYY
Amritsar Shatabdi (12032)17:5117:543 minNNNYNNN
Amritsar Shatabdi (12031)12:2312:252 minNNNYNNN
Ddn Asr Express (14631)05:2505:3510 minYYYYYYY
Asr Ddn Express (14632)23:3023:4010 minYYYYYYY
Ndls Juc Express (14681)23:50Ends
Juc Ndls Express (14682)Starts04:10
Dli Ptk Express (14037)13:5514:005 minYYYNYYY
Bti Jat Express (19225)23:1023:3020 minYYYYYYY
Jat Bti Express (19226)03:3003:5020 minYYYYYYY
Jammu Mail (24033)03:2004:5595 minYYYYYYY
Jammu Mail (24034)19:5920:012 minYYYYYYY
Asr Cnb Express (14154)13:4513:505 minNYNNNNN
Shaheed Express (14674)13:0513:105 minNYNYYNY
Asr Dbrg Express (15934)16:5316:585 minNNNNYNN
Asr Kir Express (15708)08:3008:355 minYYYYYYY
Saryuyamuna Express (14650)13:0513:105 minYNYNNYN
Paschim Express (12925)17:4517:505 minYYYYYYY
Asr Indb Express (19326)00:2000:3010 minNNYNNYN
Akal Takht Express (12317)15:3815:435 minNNYNNNY
Rou Muri Jat Express (18109)06:2506:305 minYYYYYYY
Ned Asr Superfast Express (12421)20:3020:355 minNNYNNNN
Amritsar Mail (13005)06:5007:0010 minYYYYYYY
Shaheed Express (14673)21:1521:205 minYNYYNYN
Jalianwala B Express (18103)05:0005:055 minYNYNNNN
Ind Amritsar Express (19325)19:2519:305 minNYNNYNN
Saryu Yamuna Express (14649)21:1521:205 minNYNNYNY
Janmabhoomi Express (19107)11:0011:1010 minNNNNNNY
Janmabhoomi Express (19108)01:5502:0510 minYNNNNNN
Amritsar Express (13049)08:2008:3010 minYYYYYYY
Tata Jat Express (18101)06:2506:305 minYYYYYYY
Chattisgarh Express (18237)05:5506:005 minYYYYYYY
Garib Rath Express (12203)19:2019:255 minYNNYNNY
Garib Rath Express (14605)12:4012:455 minNNYNNNN
Sachkhand Express (12715)18:5018:555 minYYYYYYY
Vskp Asr Hkg Express (18507)21:4021:455 minYNNYYNN
Asr Ned Superfast Express (12422)15:3015:355 minYNNNNNN
Shane Punjab (12498)16:1016:155 minYYYYYYY
Jammu Mail (14033)03:2003:3010 minYYYYYYY
Jammu Mail (14034)21:3022:0030 minYYYYYYY
Hirakund Express (18508)00:4300:507 minNNYNNYY
Cnb Asr Express (14153)07:5307:585 minYNNNNNN
Intercity Express (12411)09:5710:003 minYYYYYYY
Intercity Express (12412)18:4018:455 minYYYYYYY
Asr Hwh Mail (13006)19:4319:507 minYYYYYYY
Jalianwalab Express (12379)18:0518:105 minNNNNYNN
Cdg Asr Superfast (12241)19:4819:535 minYYYYYYY
Asr Cdg Superfast (12242)06:1906:223 minYYYYYYY
Goldentemple Ml (12903)04:1004:155 minYYYYYYY
Asr Aii Express (19614)19:0019:055 minNNNNYNY
Amritsar Shatabdi (12013)21:3221:342 minYYYYYYY
Amritsar Shatabdi (12014)06:0006:033 minYYYYYYY
Swarna Shatabdi (12029)12:2312:252 minYYYNYYY
Swarna Shatabdi (12030)17:5117:543 minYYYNYYY
Asr Ndls Express (12460)07:1707:225 minYYYYYYY
Ajmer Asr Express (19613)08:4508:505 minYNYNNNN
Goldn Temple Ml (12904)22:2522:338 minYYYYYYY
Asr Kir Express (15708)08:3008:355 minYYYYYYY
Adi Jat Express (19223)12:3512:4510 minYYYYYYY
Dbrg Asr Express (15933)19:0019:1010 minNYNNNNN
Akal Takhat Express (12318)07:0007:055 minNYNNYNN
Amritsar Express (12483)18:0518:105 minNNYNNNN
Jat Adi Express (19224)13:1513:205 minYYYYYYY
Jat Muri Rou Express (18110)20:4220:508 minYYYYYYY
Shc Garib Rath (12204)05:3005:355 minNNYNNYY
Jalianwala B Express (12380)11:5512:038 minNNNNNNY
Asr Ltt Express (11058)09:4509:5510 minYYYYYYY
Asr Ajmer Express (19612)15:3015:355 minNYNYNNN
Ndlsasr Express (12459)20:1920:223 minYYYYYYY
Shane Punjab (12497)12:5412:573 minYYYYYYY
Ajmer Asr Express (19611)12:4012:455 minNNNYNYN
Durgiana Express (12357)15:3815:435 minNYNNNYN
Paschim Express (12926)09:1009:155 minYYYYYYY
Asr Hwh Express (13050)19:1519:238 minYYYYYYY
Durg Jat Express (18215)13:5514:005 minNNYNNNN
Hw Asr Jnshtbdi (12053)20:3020:355 minYYYNYYY
Asr Hw Jnshtbdi (12054)07:5508:005 minYYYNYYY
Asr Ned Superfast Express (12422)15:3015:355 minYNNNNNN
Jat Durg Express (18216)11:5512:038 minNNNNYNN
Jalianwala B Express (18104)13:4513:505 minNNYNYNN
Asr Kcvl Express (12484)07:0007:055 minNNNNNNY
Amritsar Express (11057)14:5515:005 minYYYYYYY
Kir Asr Express (15707)10:1510:2510 minYYYYYYY
Garib Rath Express (14606)07:0007:055 minNNYNNNN
Asr Ned Express (12716)06:3506:405 minYYYYYYY
Panchvalley Pa (59386)05:5506:005 minYYYYYYY
Chhatisgarh Express (18238)17:2817:346 minYYYYYYY
Lku Asr Express (14615)13:3013:355 minNNNNNYN
Asr Lku Express (14616)07:0507:105 minNNNNNYN
Adi Svdk Express (19415)21:4522:1025 minNNNNNNY
Svdk Adi Express (19416)19:0519:3530 minNYNNNNN
Hsr Asr Psngr (54601)07:3007:355 minYYYYYYY
Asr Hsr Passenger (54602)18:1518:205 minYYYYYYY