What does America stand - for, and represent, if we don't protect, the freedoms, rights, and liberties, which have always, differentiated us, from much of the rest of the nations, of the world? A famous poem, was written, based on the world's lack of action, when certain ethnic groups, were under- attack, by the Nazis, during World War II, the moral, of which, was, if we don't stand - up, for others, and protect their rights, etc, there will be no one left, when we need assistance! Many believe, the United States, is presently, witnessed, a concerning period, of time, when the haters, appear to be enabled/ entitled, by President Trump's rhetoric/ vitriol, and hate - crimes, have significantly, escalated! Although, the Right to Assemble, with peaceful protests, is supposed to be, guaranteed, by our Constitution, this President, has equated, these peaceful protestors, with right - wing, extremist, hate - groups! Who can forget, when he said, after the atrocities, in Charlottesville, Virginia, when an individual, purposely, drove into a crowd of peaceful protestors, killing one, and Trump, referred to this, as, Fine people on both sides? If we hope to preserve the soul of this nation, we must protect these 5 things.

1. Free speech/ Right to Assemble: Although, I may disagree with your perspective, and views, I still believe in your right, to exercise your free speech, as long as you do so, in a responsible, safe way! We can't selectively, determine, when we allow this, and when, we don't! The right, to protest, often referred to, as the Right to Assemble, is an essential one, if we wish to protect our commitment to freedom!

2. Free Press: Our nation has always felt, the Free Press, is necessary, in order to be our watchdog, and present the news, to the American public! It should be concerning, to all of us, regardless of our personal political preferences, when, President Trump, constantly attacks, any dissenting reports, calling them, the Phony Press, and Fake News, as well as, The Enemy of the People!

3. Human/ Civil Rights/ justice: Shouldn't everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, etc, and/ or, economic/ financial abilities, be entitled wo equal protection, of the law, and fair - and - equal - justice? However, we have witnessed, numerous times, when there was evidence of systemic racism, in our criminal justice system, as well as in police treatment, civil rights, and human rights! Don't we deserve a better, fairer system?

4. Protecting public health: If it doesn't, already, this administration's constant equating, of protecting public health, with business, and financial considerations! Although, we all, feel - the - pain, and it concerns us, while, economic/ financial concerns, etc, are serious concerns, we can always, earn money again, but the, 200, 000 +, Americans who have lost their lives, will never come back! The longer - term, ramifications of certain of the cases, of this horrific virus, are unknown, but, appear, for some, to be, very, long - lasting!

5. Access to Affordable Health Care: Without protecting and covering, pre - existing conditions, millions of Americans, will suffer! Shouldn't quality, affordable, health care, be a right, rather, than, merely, a possibility, and/ or, reality, to some? Before the Affordable Care Act, insurers, often, refused to cover anything associated, with these conditions! Shouldn't we be concerned, that, we are nearly, the only nation, without universal coverage, of some sort?

What is America, if we don't seek, genuine greatness, instead of a politician's slogan, to, Make America Great Again? Wake up, America, and demand, preserving, and protecting, all our liberties, freedoms, and justice, and other Constitutional guarantees!