Don't ever believe, it doesn't matter, who, we elect, as President of the United States, because they're all the same, anyway? While, few elected officials, may be ideal, and most could improve, if we did not recognize the potential risk/ concern, to our American way of life, before, these past, nearly - four years, should have taught you, otherwise! Haven't we learned, yet, that governing, by - slogan, does not achieve what's needed, and necessary? Although, many have differing, preferences, and priorities, we would be, best - served, if/ when, our leaders, strategically planned, and created the finest, action plan, to get things done, effectively, etc! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 7 important issues, and, ask you to consider, which, might be most important, and relevant to you.

1. Public Health: Although this President has said, he'd give himself, an, A+, in terms of his handling of this horrific pandemic, and, states, no one could have handled it, as well as he did, many seem to believe, otherwise! Do you believe, the American response, and results, have been great, or, extremely concerning? With less than 5% of the world's population, this nation has experienced over 20% of the cases, and deaths, from this pandemic. Are we supposed to be, thrilled, with over 7 million cases, and, over 200, 000 deaths, so - far, and still, no apparent national, public health policy, to flatten - the - curve? From setting a questionable example, by claiming, it was a hoax, minimizing the benefits of wearing a mask, refusing to follow the advice of experts, etc, how important is this, to how one might vote, this November?

2. Affordable Health Care: From, before, he was a candidate, to the present time, Trump continues sounding like a One Trick Pony, continuing to promise, better, cheaper, more affordable health care, for - all! However, after nearly four years, in office, he continues, saying this, and, has not released, his so - called, solution/ program, etc! He claims he will protect pre - existing conditions, while bringing it, to the Supreme Court, in an attempt to eliminate all of the Affordable Care Act, without having a viable solution! Experts claim, if this occurs, about 20 million Americans, will lose their medical/ health - care protections!

3. Unify, versus, polarize: Would we be, better - served, if/ when our leaders, prioritizes unifying us, and bringing us, together, for the greater good, and seeking a meeting - of - the - minds, or, one who, creates adversity, and polarization?

4. Social Security, and Medicare: Some refer to Social Security, and Medicare, as an entitlement, but, since, we have paid taxes, all our working lives, for these, they should be considered guarantees, instead! Some are concerned, because, President Trump, recently signed an Executive Order, to eliminate employee contributions/ taxes, for these, and, if, this, becomes permanent, puts the solvency of these funds, in - danger!

5. Fairer tax system: In 2017, President Trump, and his political party, passed his so - called, tax reform plan, which he promised, would, primarily, benefit the middle - class! However, we soon discovered, the major beneficiaries of this plan, were the wealthiest corporations, and individuals, and it did not significantly, if, at - all, benefit the middle - class! At the same time, the United States' Federal Deficit, expanded, exponentially!

6. Integrity: Are you, tired/ fatigued, yet, with the lack of integrity, and enormous amount of lies, we've experienced, in the last 4 years, from President Trump?

7. Foreign policy: We have witnessed, many of America's traditional alliances, have been minimized, and we seem, to have gotten, cozier, with several despots, and dictators, etc! In addition, how do you feel, about, this administration's minimizing of Climate Change concerns/ dangers (leaving the Paris Accords, etc), and significantly, reducing environmental protections? Does this make you feel safer, than you did, four years ago?

All of these issues, and many others, are relevant, and significant, but, which ones, are most important to you? Demand viable solutions, and well - considered plans, etc, rather than empty promises, and rhetoric!